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Permanent Wood Foundation (PWF)

Structural Reinforcement System

Permanent, Cost Effective, Guaranteed For A Lifetime

Our PWF Structural reinforcement system is built to spec to support the house as a stand alone structure. Coupled with the existing foundation it forms a support system that will long outlast the home it's designed for.

It's easy to insulate and Finish.

Guaranteed for a lifetime against movement and degradation.

Built according to recommendations from the Southern Pine Council on the construction of permanent wood foundations:

*All lumber will be properly treated and specified Foundation Grade.

*2x6 studs spaced 12" on center with a 5/8" plywood back panel.

*All fasteners and brackets in which the moisture content of the wood may exceed 19% (floor level) will be Stainless Steel. All other fasteners and brackets will be Hot Dipped Galvanized.

*All cut ends and fastener perforations will be treated with an approved preservative.

For more information from the Southern Pine Council on Preserved Wood Foundations Click Here

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